What is REELYDOPE Radio?

The Short Answer:

REELYDOPE Radio is a weekly long-form podcast dedicated to diverse opinions and discussions on film, TV shows, multimedia, visual media, The Culture, Oakland, the Bay Area and more.


The Long Answer:

After much ado about a lot of things, we figured we should start putting all our great written thoughts on wax. Thus, in November 2015, we decided to get right and REELYDOPE Radio was born. Over the course of its lifetime, its evolved to truly be a community podcast based in Oakland. That means that, on any given episode you can get:

  • Drawn out arguments about the cinematic merits of all your (and our) fav movies and TV shows.
  • Discussions about the intersection of feminism, black womanhood, Beyonce’ and #Lemonade.
  • Drunken rants about the hyper-masculine issues of Arnold Scharzanegger’s Commando.
  • Interviews with Bay Area creatives like Beejus, Maya Songbird, Pendarvis Harshaw, and more.
  • Convos with new media creatives & filmmakers like Evelyn from the Internets, Tony Peralta, Barry Jenkins and more.

So, to keep it 100: RDR isn’t your average movie podcast. But we’re sure you already know that, if you’ve been a fan of our works here. That’s why we know you’ll enjoy it. From movie and TV show reviews to cultural critiques to understanding the difference between corner stores and bodegas to where the best chicken spots are in Oakland, we can and do cover it all.


Where and When can you get REELYDOPE Radio?

Good question. REELYDOPE Radio drops every Wednesday. And right now, you can get it on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Podcasts, Omny Studio, and damn near anywhere you can pull a podcast RSS feed. For a full list of current subscription options, head here.

So what’re you waiting for? Get into the podcast today and see what you’ve been missing!