these boots mine.

Dap owns Timberland boots and is committed to loving black women, eating good food and diversifying media as he sees fit and while he can. He can be found yelling into the abyss and being snarky on the following:  IG | Twitter





absolutely no relation to r. kelly.Kells is an Oakland native with a sad compulsion to put his opinions online. He hopes that you like them, but what’s really important is that you like yourself. Twitter






Brandon_AvatarKnown as Brandon to many and Brandino to some, Brandon Ma is a wordsmith and voicebox for the world’s biggest brands. And when he isn’t crafting copy, he will wax poetic about the things he loves on Twitter, which range from Publix subs to the Miami Heat. Twitter






CConradEqually well versed in the intricacies of The Lord of the Rings and The Black Album, Caroline is a Virginia-bred writer/filmmaker living in Brooklyn. She is strongly opinionated about French fry variations, Ciara, underrated animals (lemurs, goats), and gender issues. Her personal essays can be found on her website and Femsplain; her shorter and more belligerent musings can be found on Twitter.





JLee_avi_2015Josh is a “writer” in LA too clumsy to waiter, so he goes to cafes and writes blogposts mainly about middle-America nostalgia and Asian American sheeet. Things he’s interested in order of significance: Jesus, streetwear, FIFA. And if this is starting to look like a sad dating profile, you should hit him up sometime. He has both the bleeding heart for the non-profit space and the insatiable hunger for the nicer things in life; he hopes to mend the two as gracefully and powerfully as possible. Twitter

You can find his thoughts on the best causal advertising here:


oawash_avi_2015alex is a nerd in that un-cute way, like the comic book guy in the simpsons. just don’t get her started on science fiction or nonfiction documentaries. otherwise, she enjoys things that require an acceptable amount of commitment such as web-series, role-playing games, and cats. Twitter



Jules_Avi_2015Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jules currently spends his days enjoying adult cartoons in sunny south Florida. He often contemplates what society would be like without social constructions as well as whether or not he should adopt a kitten. Twitter





&On_Profile Pic&On is all over the Internet. Whether it’s Tumblr, Facebook, Youtube, and of course…REELYDOPE. Ze took interest in writing about media when ze began writing reviews in comments as ze watched music videos posted to zher page. Ze likes to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly, always keeping in mind the social implications of what we watch and are shown. And also turning up for entertainment.



roonie_aviRooney thinks she’s the literal embodiment of the “little fat girl in Ohio” that Francis Ford Coppola spoke about at the end of Hearts of Darkness. A Somali, she’s a revolutionary socialist navigating the treacherous terrain of late capitalism and film journalism. Follow her descent into Oscar Isaac smut on Twitter, WordPress, and Letterboxd commiecoppola.



Giselle_ProfileGiselle is a NYC bred writer, fascinated with the Bay Area vibes. She is a thinker and artist in all of the word’s meaning. Frequently journaling and poetry-ing, she loves to engage with feelings and rants (sometimes) that discuss discomfort and being unapologetic. Her corny, self-proclaiming sense of  humor gives her an edge above the rest; especially at 5’3’, she could use all the support she can get (get it, teheehee). It may come out in her writing, it may not, stay tuned. Twitter


Samiat_ProfileSamiat Salami’s life goal is to earn enough money to hire someone else to write her bio. In person, she is the African girl with the confusing accent. She is currently writing and developing a web series about two ambiguously ethnic girl-women — it is named EASY.  She can be found browsing ethical clothing shops she can’t afford in Oakland or on her therapist’s couch. If you know the answer to what it all means, ‘it’ in this situation meaning life, let her know at If you also want to pay her to write more rants on the internet, that’s cool too. IG/Twitter

Maia Jannele tells people she’s a writer, thinker and funny lady, in no particular order. A “retired” arts blogger, she now prefers Twitter for live commentary on everything from operas to Insecure. She’s currently easing into standup comedy. Twitter




T. Anthony Schear doesn’t accept the status quo. His progressivist rebellion from the status quo substantiates his opinions. These are ideas you’ve never heard before, which make you think: Where did these thoughts come from? Are they potentially concerning?  Wiki | Portfolio 


De La is a proud Oakland native (Deep East Oakland to be exact). She is sarcastic, loud, and kind of funny, but did I mention she was from East Oakland? Sports are bae, but film and television are definitely the side pieces that she keeps telling she gonna leave bae for. Not here for any Lucille Ball slander! Twitter



As you can tell from the photo, Alvin was too excited to attend the premiere for 50 Shades Darker, so he has no business writing about the arts. He’s the oldest of six kids but hasn’t talked to any his siblings in a few months because he’s been too busy. Like an old person, he needs to take sleep aid every night to go to sleep. IG / Twitter