You Can’t Appreciate The Disaster Artist Without Watching The Room (Duh)

The Disaster Artist drops this week ya’ll. So it’s about time to refresh ourselves on The Room. But, what can I say about Tommy Wiseau’s dark horse classic that hasn’t already been said?

In the 14 years since its release, it’s captured the imagination, time and energy of so many. And it’s still going. With the upcoming release of Franco’s adaptation of Greg Sestero’s book, I figured I’d drop a few reasons why The Room deserves your attention. And maybe even your love.

Wiseau’s Killer Old Man Bod

Sure, we could talk about the ill-fitting clothes and the passable CGI. But what we really came for was the absolutely ripped physique of we-don’t-actually-know-how-old-he-is Tommy Wiseau. I mean, just look at it.

Tommy Wiseau shirtless in a scene from the 2003 film, The Room.

This New Orleanian Polish Man puts Jason Momoa and Henry Cavill to shame, a decade before their inferior careers even began to blossom. Considering the success of the “ripped-but-not-huge” look that would take the acting world by storm just a few years prior in films like Fight Club, it’s a shame that Tommy wasn’t in higher demand. Wouldn’t it have been dope to see our true American hero punching Ed Norton in the face while wisecracking about the revolution?

That R & B track

So The Room is already a wackadoodle film. But it’s also glaringly white. Like an-episode-of-Friends white. Which is why Kitra Williams’ “You’re My Rose” dropping at the beginning of a sex scene is like a hard left turn into Tommy Town. 

And not just because it’s the only black presence in the movie. No, it’s because the damn song is good! It’s like a Toni Braxton B-side, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. For a film that is so bad it’s good, “You’re My Rose” is honestly a banger that isn’t bad in any shape, form or fashion.

The Goofy Sex Scenes

At its heart, The Room is a sex drama (comedy? tragedy). And trust, there’s plenty of confusing, meaningless sex in it (unless you’re Johnny). But honestly, that’s half the fun. Nothing’s better than the stilted, wooden delivery of dialogue before a fanciful softer-than-softcore scene. 

The pure absurdity of it all puts actual porno to shame. Which is probably why porno studio Wood Rocket decided to make a pretty spot-on parody. Don’t worry, the trailer’s pretty SFW.

The Scenic and Useless Shots of SF

While The Room wasn’t fully shot in SF, our boy Tommy found some time to shoot a bunch of gratuitous, random scenes in Karl’s backyard. From the intro scenes of San Francisco and Alcatraz, to the Golden Gate and Johnny just riding around on a trolley, it’s the kind of touristy, kitschy bullshit that we hate to love to hate. A wide shot from the opening credits of the 2003 Tommy Wiseau film, The Room.

And I for one am here for it all. While The Disaster Artist has a particular angle on why all these shots make it into the film, I’d like to think it’s because Tommy Wiseau not-so-secretly loves The Bay. And I mean, who wouldn’t?

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