The FDT Flixtape

It’s been roughly three months since Naranja Maldita took office. And…things have been hectic. First there was the muslim ban. Then its sequel. Now the laptop ban. He’s promised to bring coal back. In the process, he cut Obama age legislation specifically put in place to downsize it. He even moved forward with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Did I mention that he’s also found a way to not be impeached? This is despite his alleged, glaring and dangerous connections to Russia. I haven’t even gotten into how his mere presence online has brought how we interact with presidents into question. Oh, and these gotdamn Syria bombings.

Things in DC are pretty fucked. And at the center of it all is a tall orange. So, in the spirit of calling out bullshit and thinking about American politics on a larger scale, here are a few films to watch to help you say Fuck Donald Trump from the comfort of your couch. Enter the FDT Flixtape.

Oliver Stone’s Untold American History

In his own words, Oliver Stone admits that America used to be this sterling example of heroism in his eyes as a child. But, as he got older, he came to see the empire for what it truly is: a cavernous collection of conspiracies and con-men (try saying that five times fast.) Anyway, this documentary series vindicates his thesis, engaging with America’s shenanigans on a national and global stage from WWII onwards. It’s heavy, but eye-opening.

The Big Short

The Big Short is a prime example of what happens when greed invites opportunity over for Netflix & Chill. It may be a bit too soon for some who are still reeling from the economic disasters that it details, but it’s definitely worth your time.

Requiem for The American Dream

If American thought-leadership was Twitter, Noam Chomsky would be the most well-actually mofo on the timeline. Historically renowned for his hot takes on the decline of American society and morality, Chomsky is as cutting as he is eloquent. In this fireside chat, he waxes political on the collapse of economic, social and political promises of The American Dream.

House of Cards

At this point, I’m sure we all kinda wish Frank Underwood was president. While it’s probably not a stranger to anyone, this show is strangely relevant and poignant in its tales of subterfuge and politricks. No better time than now to revisit it before the new season premieres later this year.

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