It’s Been Real, SoundCloud

Hey folks, dap here.

I know REELYDOPE Radio is currently on hiatus but we have some important news for ya: we’re gonna stop paying for SoundCloud Premium.

“What does this mean?”

Great question. This means that I’ll no longer be paying the $100+ it takes to keep that branch of our podcast up. We’ll lose our cute little “premium verified” star and we’ll be limited to hosting just 90 mins of podcast stuff on SoundCloud. This means our entire catalog, save for the most recent episode(s), will be taken down. So, you won’t be able to listen to anything before December 2016 up there.

“But why?”

Our main RSS feed is with, our new podcast host. SoundCloud functions as a separate hosting service, and so they charge for it too. This is…financially draining. And considering we’ve essentially stopped relying on SoundCloud for our audience and outreach, it only made sense to cut back costs.

“When will this go into effect?”

Our renewal comes up the first week of April. So I’m planning on taking things down and reorganizing our SoundCloud page this week.

“Where else can I listen to the podcast?”

We’ll still have our SoundCloud account, we just can’t post our whole catalog. So when REELYDOPE Radio returns, you’ll be able to keep up with only the latest episodes there. For our entire catalog, you can still listen to us on ACast, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Omny.FM and our RSS feed. And as always, you can keep listening to our stuff right here too.

Thanks for rocking with us and I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our SoundCloud listeners!

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