The Women’s History Month Flixtape

If you haven’t heard, it’s National Women’s History Month! Established in 1987 in the US, the month got its start as an extension of International Women’s Day. Of course, I missed March 8th earlier this week. But I promise it wasn’t without cause. Besides supporting the women (financially, emotionally, etc) in your life, there’s no better way to celebrate the month than with some dope ass films starring and centering women. So I took a dive through Netflix’s treasure trove to select a few that you could peruse all month long.

Chewing Gum

Based on Michaela Coel’s autobiographical play, Chewing Gum Dreams,¬†this show follows one 24 yr old woman’s sexual hijinks and shenanigans in London. From a dildo business to fever dreams about her first time, Tracey and her friends get into all types of foolishness. It’s high on awkwardness and distinctly British humor that’ll have you grossed out and laughing at the same damn time.

Ali Wong: Baby Cobra

You might recognize Ali Wong’s name. That’s because she’s a prolific writer who’s contributed heavily to ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat. When she’s not busy crafting Eddie’s next comedic arc, she can be found on American Housewife and Baby Cobra, her own stand up special. Whilst being very, very preggo, Wong details her life, world views and how she screwed a homeless guy in SF once. The special is raw, ripe with subtext and very Bay Area.

The Fall

So what happens after you helm a cult classic like The X-Files? Well, you go to Ireland. In this three season thriller series, Gillian Anderson plays a detective on the trail of a sadistic strangler (50 Shades of Grey‘s Jamie Dornan) in a small Irish city. It’s gripping, intense and reminiscent of The Killing. If you like a good procedural and enjoy watching women call misogyny and bullshit out as they see it, this is the show for you.

Mala Mala

Mala Mala has been floating around for a minute now, so I’m excited to finally see it available. Set in Puerto Rico, this documentary follows the lives of several trans folks and the larger queer community in PR. It’s colorful, lavish and cutting in its intimacy and is a great addition to the larger pantheon of films about gender identity and expression, specifically for people of color.


This is a bit older, but it’s a goodie. Based on a true story, Philomena follows one woman’s journey to find her son after she was forced to give him up and join a convent. Joined by a journalist (Steve Coogan,) Philomena doesn’t rest until she has the full story on a life she lost so quickly to time. Led by the incomparable Judie Dench, it’s a personal narrative that’s as sweet as it is sad.

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