Netflix & Chill with REELYDOPE

Have you ever invited possibae over and spent a whole hour trying to find something to watch on Netflix? Or just sat around by yourself combing through Netflix’s gargantuan library of B-flicks, blockbusters, foreign fare and random documentaries? Don’t answer. These are rhetorical questions. We know you have. Because we’ve all done it.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ll now be curating Netflix flixtapes for you twice a month.

“But dap, WTF is a flixtape?” Good question, homie.

Netflix dropped their flixtape project back in July of last year, and we noticed nobody was really excited about this. But we were. Why? Well because you can create an easily curated collection of titles that link directly to streaming titles in their database. All with a few clicks and searches.

Practically, this doesn’t make much sense. Unless you’re sending a Netflix & Chill playlist to possibae. Idk your life. But for us here at REELYDOPE, it presented a clutch opportunity to give ya’ll better recommendations and help curate content for you in a way that’s easy to follow and shareable. By cutting out a lot of the guess work by sifting through Netflix for you, we get to up our media consumption and you get a fun list to peep and queue up twice a month.

So starting next week, look out for these posts and share them with your friends and fam. Or just cue them up for you, your boo, ya mama and ya cousin too. It’s still a free country. Maybe. Somebody get back to me about that, yeah?

these boots mine.Dap owns Timberland boots and is committed to loving black women, eating good food and diversifying media as he sees fit and while he can. He can be found yelling into the abyss and being snarky on the following:  IG | Twitter