REELYDOPE Radio EP049 | Seven Minutes to Closing

The writer + director, Kim Nunley (@kimnunley) + April Abeyta (@sevenminfilm), behind 7 Minutes to Closing join Dap (@dapisdope) on this episode!

Note: Dap apologizes for the hotness of some of audio here. We’ve been recording on a new setup.

In the first half, they discuss their background, how they came to the script and the production process itself.

Interlude at 29m35s.

In the second half of the show, Dap asks more questions and the creative duo dives into topics like indie filmmaking, how trees are social creatures and what their favorite films are.

REELYDOPE Recommendations arrive at 59m31s.

To learn more about the film and the team, visit

Intros and interludes by Shruggs.


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