REELYDOPE Radio EP046 | Queer AF

In this episode, Shanti of Black Ampersand (@blackampersand) joins dap (@dapisdope).

Together they dive into a Focal Point discussion of Frances Bodomo’s 2016 short film, Boneshaker, starring Quvenzhan√© Wallis. Topics include: femininity, the symbolism of water v fire, spirituality, the Black Southern Gothic, self-determination as a child, and more.

Interlude at 26m27s.

After that, Shanti gets into how her blog, The Black Ampersand (, began and why it’s so important. Topics here include black queerness and intersectionality, self-love, self-care, storytelling, and more.

REELYDOPE Recommendations at 46m06s.

TW: some discussion of queerphobia.

Intros & interludes by Shruggs (

Boneshaker can be found here:

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