REELYDOPE Radio EP045 | Moonlight

Okay, this is a long episode. But it’s worth it! And before you listen to this one, may I suggest you peep our interview with Barry first? In this episode, we devote our entire convo to his tour de force, Moonlight. From the characters to protecting Chiron, to understanding the politics of black trauma and queerness on-screen, Betty and Dap (@dapisdope) discuss it all.

Afterwards, things get weird as Betty refuses to go home.

Interlude at 36m49s.

Interlude at 50m03s.

REELYDOPE Recommendations at 1h14m53s.

Please Note: We’re 5 episodes away from the end of Season 4. Updates about what happens after this season ends will be doled out accordingly!

TW: Some allusions to sexual abuse.

Intros and interludes by @Shrggs.

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