REELYDOPE Radio EP042 | Where Has This Podcast Gone?!

Okay, the real title of this episode is “Canadian Bear Sex.” But, we didn’t want it coming up in the wrong Google searches lol.

Adam (@awkeller510) joined Dap (@dapisdope) on this episode to talkĀ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy from 2005. In the midst of comparing the book to the film, they also got into some discussions of what is the Internet, how are we becoming a “post-human” society, and whether or not they’d stick a translating fish in their ear. After that, things got….weird and bestiality became it’s own convo. Blame them watching Black Mirror, blame it on the lack of alcohol. Whatever you do blame it on, it’s kinda funny. So enjoy.

TW: Some conversation of depression, alcoholism, bestiality and cannibalism.

Intros and interludes by Shruggs.


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