REELYDOPE Radio EP028 | It’s Not About You

TW: This episode begins with a reading of the Orlando victim’s names. And the second half of the episode contains discussion of the massacre and tragedy.

If you’d like to help families of the victims, here are the resources mentioned on-air:

This past week has been horrible for everyone with empathy for humans. For us, we had to record a pod about it. Special thanks to @Sahdade for this special request episode. In this ep, Dap (@dapisdope) and Kevin (@kvnyvs) talk about the 1999 film Ghost Dog w/ Forest Whittaker. From Whittaker’s trademark swagger to a deeper discussion of the film’s arthouse qualities, they dug in. After that, Dap & Kevin air out a lot of grief, shock, frustration, and general disgust with the state of America right now.

Intros & interludes by Shruggs.

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