REELYDOPE Radio EP025 | Happiness is Power

Memorial Day Weekend is over! It’s time to get byke to your regularly scheduled week! Don’t worry, we got you covered — this week, Dap (@dapisdope) sat down with Maya Songbird (@YoMayaSongbird) to talk about Carrie and Maya’s career and journey. During the Focal Point convo, they chop it up about how shitty high school can be, Carrie’s beauty, bullying, and dick-sucking sounds. In the second part of the pod, Maya has plenty to say about her own journey to self-love, her music and artistry, and why she might be Chaotic Neutral.

Peep more info on Maya’s tour dates and music here & here.

TW: some convo of sexual assault and violent bullying.

Intros and interludes by Shruggs.


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