Knight Of Cups

is this pink-haired woman christian bale’s girlfriend or a sex worker or what?


anyone who drives in berkeley knows the terrible merge at the intersection of ashby and shattuck. im usually a great driver but i had a bad

merging experience there on my way to see this movie at the landmark california. walked up to the ticket booth like HFF HFF HFF


“the sweet spot is 1 xannie, 4 glasses of white wine”

“the palm trees tell you anything’s possible”

fashion photographer: “you’re a 1950’s housewife who takes steroids and fucks girls during the day”

fuck LA


i’d like to have a fashion photographer follow me around and yell shit at me all day. no cameras though

at the office: “work it! transcribe those word problems like you’re a tiger giving birth”

at the grocery store: “look at that OJ like you’re gonna rip it open later and drink it straight from the bottle, yeah, bite your lip”


good to see wes bentley getting work. is that ryan o’neal? is that NICK OFFERMAN!??? HOLY SHIT


so much adrenaline, i felt like one of three men pacing around each other in various settings and yelling and breaking stuff

needed to stress-eat some popcorn even though this isn’t rly that type of movie

only one guy in the theater when I got there. in the waaay back. more came in as the previews went on


today the average movie trailer has more hollywood 3-act narrative coherence than a terrence malick movie

inciting incident, rising action, climax, catch the denouement for $20 at your local IMAX


is christian bale only having tantric sex with these models?

the knight of cups tarot card represents romance and charm, or something. i don’t fuck with woo


malick’s lack of conventional narrative progression is more necessary than ever. not saying the dude is immune from criticism

but hating on his structural ambitions is like a heroin addict going up to a guy on a hospital IV and saying “lol wtf r u doing”


when i was leaving vegas last may, my buddy pointed out IV stations in the shopping complex under MGM grand b/w the lobby and parking lot

wake up, choke down some advil, check out of hotel, buy some ugly shirts, plug into an IV for a few minutes, and hit the road


a lot of knight of cups takes place in vegas. some at an EDM show. malick showing an interest in the religious or quasi-religious

experiences of people way younger than himself. people who say he makes masturbatory movies with no respect for the viewer’s experience

don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about. i used to think like that


i’ve never been to a strip club, but has a real strip club ever played burial? really? i thought it was just nelly and guns n roses

burial was one of the first musicians i got into. didn’t get it at first, went to london soph year of high school, then was obsessed

weird how being in a certain place for a few days can totally change your relationship to an artwork. taste is fickle

we should be wary of the “mind-expanding” feelings that an ephemeral contact with a place can provide, but not deny them either


this has gotta be the first use of google earth i’ve seen in a movie

exciting to see malick go digital. emmanuel lubezki killing it as always


half-hour into the movie i realized there was a foot of curtain on either side of the screen blocking the projection

at this point my adrenaline had turned into a sodium-glucose headrush. i went and politely asked mgmt to fix it

shortly after, a man came into theater, went to the right side of the screen, sifted thru curtain, went into projection booth for 10 mins

came out and went up to the left side of the screen, pulled a rope, and the holy spirit of the moving image was no longer shackled


in his review of this movie ao scott called malick “one of the least jewish directors in american cinema.” i was like, “yeah! wait…”

does he mean that malick’s vision of the divine saves even the worst sinners, and the jewish god is different? or like a kevin b. macdonald,

malick’s a non-linear, non-verbal stylist, and jews have higher-than-average verbal intelligence and are plotting world domination thing?

im sure he meant the first one, nothing to worry about

im not jewish fyi. sometimes ppl ask me that


did terrence malick ever meet a high ceiling he didn’t like?

a modernist building where he was like, “too echo-y, too many windows”

*big freedia voice* glass everywhere glass everywhere!


i counted 2 black characters with minor speaking roles

guys on the street who are supposed to look “seedy,” and a pimp in vegas

then again every character in this movie is a shitty person. no, that’s not true, natalie portman and cate blanchett seem okay


late in the movie the man in the back of the theater was like “PUT THE FUCKING PHONE AWAY MAN!”

i looked to my right, a man had his phone out. he called up, “i was just, ehh, mehhh”

“this is the fourth fucking time!”

it wasn’t in my line of sight but take the L dude


to the wonder had soo many shots of rachel mcadams and olga kurylenko crawling on all fours in distress for no reason

i went into knight of cups thinking, how long till a woman is crawling on all fours? it was like 5 minutes lmao

there’s an argument to be made that this is a deeply misogynist movie

there’s also an argument to be made that it’s filtered thru the subjective bla bla bla bla bla

apologies to my fellow lechers, i too enjoy looking at naked women


a malick movie but just shots of naked models (aka 50% of this movie)

a malick movie shot on an iphone (aka 20% of this movie)

a malick movie but it’s just dogs diving for balls underwater in slow motion

if kanye can be a millennial why not terrence malick?


walk into a movie theater and you expect the uncurated mess of your life to wash away for a couple of hours

even if an “auteur” curates something, we like their formal, moral, spiritual intentions to feel clear, if not be clear

RT @sosadtoday: “Emily Dickinson would have been really good at Twitter.”

im pretty late to this “twitter poetry” thing but it’s cool, terrence malick is a dirty old man late to the concept of a work ethic

4 movies in 32 years? cmon

sorry, im being defensive for no reason. this review isn’t a poem, and it’s not on twitter


thin red line > the new world > badlands > knight of cups > tree of life > days of heaven >>>>>>>>>>> to the wonder

verdict: it’s pretty good


absolutely no relation to r. kelly.Kells is an Oakland native with a sad compulsion to put his opinions online. He hopes that you like them, but what’s really important is that you like yourself. @awkeller510

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