The Adventures of Jamel

You ever watch something that tickles you? Like, deep in your soul?

That’s how I felt watching The Adventures of Jamel, an intermittently released web-series sprouting from the mind of visual artist/all around creative Jayson Musson.

The show follows Jamel, an 80’s bboy whose day-job involves cleaning up after the Illuminati.

If that doesn’t hook you, there’s more.

Using the power of Hip-hop dance, Jamel powers up his time-traveling device, jumping around time dispensing lessons from Hip-hop and totally screwing with history as we know it.

What’s great about this strange and oddball series is that, amidst the obvious absurdity, there is solid production and snappy writing.

Here are the first 3 episodes. Def keep this one on your radar.

these boots mine.The original Homeboy With A Keyboard ™,  dap wants to be an enigma, but he’s pretty transparent. A transplant from “Back East,” he found himself in Oakland writing about alla the fun things. He’s in love with the coco(a) (skinned women and butter,) among other things. @dapisdope


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