5 Reasons To Watch Avengers: Age of Ultron

Hey there kiddos,

Welcome back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where there be foes, friends, free-falling android bodies, and obligatory Stan Lee cameos that should never go away.

In the midst of this, I’m sure you’re mulling over your options for the next few nights, checking your bitcoin balance, and wondering:

Is it worth the [insert price of tickets in your local market] to go to see this spandex bonanza?”

The answer is yes.

If you don’t want any soft psuedo-spoilers, (too late) avert your eyes. Otherwise, do check out the reasons why you should fork over those dineros.

They Got Mad Issues: Character Development


There’s a reason Avengers: Age of Ultron is not officially called “Avengers 2.” It’s because it’s not even really a damn sequel. Rather, it’s basically the second half of one large Avengers saga. Avengers: Part 2, if you will.

The film literally picks up where the Cap’n 2: Electric Boogaloo aka My Best Friend Is Trying To Kill Me stinger ends. Our friends are right back at it (even Tony), jumping around and pummeling things with varied levels of success and brutality. What’s more, the film invests heavily in Whedon-style character development. So, there’s plenty of introspective dialogue and emotions, and much needed flashbacks. And more infighting and conflict. There’s even a farm sequence, a la The Walking Dead.

What more could you want?

James. Fucking. Spader.


There’s one word to describe Spader’s performance: Delicious.

Fucking delicious.

If there was ever a list of top villains in the past 10 years, Ultron would be a heavy contender on that list. Not only is Ultron supremely scary (and bounds more dangerous than crowd-favorite Loki,) he’s also beautifully insane. Nearly all of Ultron’s scenes are top class, and he’s always off his rocker. Even in the midst of philosophical discussion, there is no safety when it comes to him, all the way up to the film’s climax.

If this doesn’t make you fall back and watch The Blacklist simply for Spader, you’re playing yourself.

Action, Action, & More Action


The film’s action set-pieces are bigger-er, badder-er, more kaboom-ier! If Whedon & co know anything, it’s how to make large operatic action scenes palpable for a PG-13 rating without sacrificing too much for all ages. So you’ll get the big thrills of Pacific Rim without (as much) plot wonkiness and the one-on-one action of The Raid without the overtly graphic violence.

And yes, that Hulkerbuster vs The Hulk scene is amazing.

The Family is Getting Bigger


If you don’t know by now, the Avengers franchise is a “gang’s all here” franchise. However, the Avengers’ canonical lineup is also vast and ever-shifting. As such, it was time to add some new blood to the list and AOU adds quite a few new, interesting faces.

More Puzzle Pieces


While AOU is a great standalone semi-sequel, it’s also heavily reliant on prior knowledge. The Marvel/Disney multiverse is so well-oiled now that the movies are integrating characters from other films and the TV shows (Agent Carter and Agents of Shield.) And AOU is no exception. So definitely be prepared to re-watch past films and episodes and brush up on your Wikipedia footnotes for supplementary study. Either way, def take notes, cuz you know this is far from the last of Marvel’s films.

So go out and make some time to see AOU in the coming weeks. It’s worth it.


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