The Fall S1E2

Another week, another romp through Belfast’s increasingly seedy underbelly.

Much like its BBC cousins, The Fall seeks to make due with a short season by having as many cogs moving possible. This tends to be a double-edged sword, as plots are multitudinous and (almost) all of them have to be resolved by the end of the season. Ep2 then does well to build upon the threads hinted at in Ep1. It also shines in giving us a greater view into Gibson as a character. Namely, her prerogative to direct and control is apparent in both her personal and professional life. There’s no attachment in her tryst with Sgt. Olson. And similarly, she directs Officer Ferrington about without the slightest feint of concern.

Plot-wise, The discovery of Sarah Kay’s body sets off a string of events that reveal a growing web of lies and deceit in the city of Belfast, from the police department to Spector’s increasingly complicated home life. One standout is the glimpse of a prostitution ring run by a local bigwig.

On the flipside, I’m still confused as to how Spector’s wife, Sally-Anne, is quite oblivious to his midnight excursions. He spends all night out and she treats it like business as usual. Maybe I’m missing something here.

The crux of this episode though lies in the final 20 minutes or so. In two separate moments we get some shocking moments that leave you wondering what the hell is going to happen next. The former of the two scenes, a decisive conflict between Spector and his baby-sitter, will make you very, very uncomfortable.

On one hand, it adds layers to Spector’s psychology as a killer. He clearly has created an intimate connection with his victims, and the trophies he collects from their bodies. When that intimacy is violated then, he defends it with a certain violence that is quiet but thoroughly dangerous. On the other hand, the entire scene is just disturbing to watch. As a viewer, I felt forced into a situation that left me feeling a little dirty afterwards just for witnessing it.

That discomfort seems to be an inherent thread here in The Fall. This theme is bookended by its dedication to details. One thing I’m noticing here is the show runs lean, bringing every narrative strand to light at some point. You may not know where at the moment, but it’s important to note that nothing is being wasted. Overall, this episode does well to reel you in where Ep1 left off. Honestly, if these episodes weren’t so long, I’d group Ep1 and 2 together. Between all the plot lines and whatnot, it’s hard to grade this one on its own.



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